About Extreme Wars

Are you Ready for War?

Then prepare yourself for Extreme Wars! In this text based game you gather your nerves and travel the world completing special operations for money and to gain experience in order to take on ever more dangerous missions to become the most extreme soldier in the world. Make sure your skills are honed or you could end up in the Hospital or even the Brig, which will limit your soldier's ability to conduct business. From Australia to Japan to the United States a soldier's work is never done.

Use your energy at the gym and you can increase your Soldiers Strength, Speed or Defense. Use it for fighting If you think you are tough enough take on anyone you can find on the streets! If you got the money for your very own air plane or jet you can travel all over the world! With each new country offering better equipment and vehicles you now have the ability to create the perfect soldier!

Purchase credits and use them in our credit store where you can spend them on the various items we have available. With cash and point packages, Boosters and Extreme Soldier status you can build the Perfect Soldier in no time. Besides purchasing credits you have the ability to win or earn cash and points in several ways including the Gambling Tent, your Daily Duties or by our very own Best Soldier awards given every hour for Killer of the Hour and Most Extreme Solider of the Hour.

When you are an Extreme Soldier you get everything you need to take on the world. Including faster regenerating energy, your bank interest is doubled and a bonus on all cash and points purchases. It is the ultimate advantage when entering any battlefield!

Using every tool to your advantage you will Battle with Tanks, Go to War with your Squad or fight one on one. As an Extreme Soldier you will conquer all enemies who stand before you.

Think you got what it takes to be the best?

Then join the fight and take on Extreme Wars!

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